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Tallahassee Spine Center

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Dr. Joseph D. Miller, DC

Tallahassee Chiropractor Dr. Joseph Miller of Joseph Miller Chiropractic Tallahassee Florida FL, 32308  provides evidence based, non-surgical chiropractic treatment for Tallahassee and Havana residents.  Dr. Miller provides multiple treatment options for patients that suffer from low back pain, Auto injuriesherniated discsneck pain, migraines and other conditions.  Dr. Joseph Miller at the Tallahassee Spine Center is dedicated to focusing on the individual and providing the appropriate treatment to the correct diagnosis. Chiropractic is only one of several ways to treat back and neck conditions.  Tallahassee Spine Center also incorporates Medx Spinal  Rehabilitation, Spinal decompression, and Massage Therapy.

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