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Dr. Joseph Miller, chiropractor at Tallahassee Spine center utilizes Medx Spinal Rehab equipment to treat chronic back and neck pain. MedX equipment is designed to accurately test your low back and neck, identifying existing or potential problems. Precise measurements of range of motion, strength and endurance are then compared to established norms and then a customized and progressive strengthening program is developed to isolate and strengthen the weakened area.

The MedX Lumbar Extension machine provides functional testing and spinal therapy. Medx is a unique method of pelvic stabilization provides true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar (low back) spine (erector spinae and multifidus). Weakness in these muscle groups has been associated with chronic low back pain and susceptibility to future back injuries. There are many devices and exercises which claim to strengthen the spine, but they have been disproved with scientific testing.

The MedX Cervical Extension machine is similar to the MedX Lumbar machine in that it isolates the deep musculature that normally stabilizes the cervical (neck) spine. Because the cervical spine must support the weight of the head, strength deficits in this area can often lead to chronic neck pain and headaches. MedX rehabilitation is so effective because it truly isolates and strengthens specific areas of the spine. By training specific movements and not allowing abnormal compensations the patient not only regains needed strength, but also learns to move their spine properly again.

MedX exercise machines are specifically adjusted to each individual patient during the initial session. Once the equipment is calibrated to the individual back or neck muscles are gradually strengthened leading decreased pain and increased function. The precision of MedX training makes it much more effective than conventional strength training.

The MedX machines have undergone significant scientific study with over 70 articles published in peer reviewed journals and have been compared against a variety of other methods of strength training. Repeatedly MedX has been demonstrated to be superior because of its unique methods of muscle isolation and the ability to custom tailor the exercise range of motion, resistance and repetition to the individual needs of the patient.

It’s time to get your back strong and get rid of your back pain!

 Google Medx and find out for yourself.

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